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Class Boredom


Have you ever bought a piece of gear in the Auction House and realized that you spent everything you had to barely make any difference in your character’s game play? How about thinking you have an awesome set of gear and when you search the Auction House, its combined value is less than the next upgrade you want?

Look guys, I’ve been there. I know what it feels like to barely push any DPS because I thought more life would help me survive. After that, I thought, maybe more Life on Hit, Critical Hit Damage or running with a shield would help. That’s when I thought; maybe that’s why the Legendary gear is so expensive? That didn’t do anything but deplete my gold! Then I figured it out…

I realized the dirty little secret that was holding me back… I was looking at each item individually, when I should have been analyzing my character as a whole. I started creating builds with every item in mind, not just a certain weapon or chest piece. It was no longer a matter of finding the perfect item that would fix my build, but instead, finding the perfect combination of builds and complimentary gear. With budgets as low as 180,000 gold, I could equip a character capable of taking on Inferno Diablo himself!

Now, after extensive class research, countless hours of market research and weeks of time played on each class, I bring to you the definitive guide to the class of your choice!


The Extended Builds for Each class!

Each guide comes with addtional builds and gear requirements for each class! There’s no need to get bored with Diablo 3! I’m still having a blast killing Zombies and Demons! Try one of my new Builds. These Builds have everything you need to revamp your enthusiasm to Diablo 3! Not sure which build will work best for you? These Guides show you all! Not only are they written guides! each build has a Video that will help further you in your quest for those Legendaries!


The Build

These are no “cookie cutter” builds that everyone uses. Each guide is well thought out and explained down to the very last detail, giving you the option to change and try different builds. I also explain how the builds differ and what you will need to make each one work better for you.

The guide shows you what skills to use and why you want to use them


Some people find the Whirlwind Barbarian Boring…. I guess they don’t enjoy farming! My Budget Guide to the Barbarian is set to unheard of prices. What can you do with 200K you ask? You can build yourself a Whirlwind Barbarian and start farming for the best gear in the game! My Video Guide will give you an exclusive look on how to effectively play and gives you the secrets you need to run without any worries. The Upgrade Guide will show you how you too, can run any MP level you want to and never even worry about your health! Ready to feel the power your Barbarian has?

Witch dr Abilities

Witch Doctor

Interested in the most fun class in the game, are we? While the Witch Doctor can be confusing with all their fetish’s, zombies and soul sucking, my Budget Guide will show you how to make your character unstoppable for millions less than anyone ever thought before. The Video Guide will show you how and why this class will tear through Inferno using the Budget Guide’s gear. Most importantly, the Upgrade Guide will show you what each piece of your gear needs to make you a force from beyond the grave!

DH Abilities

Demon Hunter

Are you tired of your Demon Hunter getting killed in one shot? Confused on what skills to use? You found the right place! This is the go-to guide on how to gear your Demon Hunter for as little as 150K! My video guides show you how I run through the game without breaking a sweat. I show you how to play so you will take less damage, do more damage and most importantly, how to make the best of your runs! With the Budget Guide, you will also receive the Upgrade Guide! This will give you a breakdown of what your Demon Hunter needs, piece by piece. No more asking the forums or trade chat what they think you need and being treated with disrespect by some players. Get advice from the best guide out there! I will even help you in game and let you know what needs to be done to make your Demon Hunter the best in the game!

Monk Abilities


Looking for an incredible tank to run Uber Bosses? You found it! This guide will show you how to find unbelievable deals on the Auction House to get your Monk up to the task. The Video Guide will demonstrate how I can play the Monk using gear that only cost me 165K and survive! The Upgrade Guide will show you what stats to look for to make your Monk the envy of your friends and Trade Chat will beg you to run them through MP7+!



This easy and fun build I put together illustrates the power your Wizard can have given the right stats combined with the knowledge I present in my video guide. This build was meant for every player, new or veteran. It has great survivability and can dish out DPS to match! With this guide, you will be running MP inferno in no time for less than you ever thought you could!

Actual Gear Bought For Each Guide:


Barbarian Cost Breakdown:

Barbarian Budget

Demon Hunter Cost Breakdown:

Demon Hunter Budget

Wizard Cost Breakdown:

Wizard Budget


Monk Cost Breakdown:


Witch Doctor 
Cost Breakdown:

Witch Dr Budget



The Budget Auction House Guide

How much did YOU spend on your farming gear?

In this portion of the guide, I show you what you need to look for, why it’s important for your character and how to find every piece of gear for the lowest cost imaginable. Not only can you use this to find your gear, but you’ll be flipping items in no time! This will increase your gold exponentially and add REAL MONEY to your Battle-Net account.


Pump up your BARB

Witch Doctor:

Pump Up your Witch Dr

Demon Hunter:

Pump up your Demon Hunter!


Pump up your monk!


pump up your wizard!


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The Upgrade Guide

Most players, at some point, cannot figure out what the next upgrade is for their class. In this portion of the guide, I will show you piece by piece how to upgrade your character and make them as good as you want them to be.
This is not just a wish list, this is a compilation of the stats you want to look for in your end game gear. I also added a few options to allow for some variations in your set, giving you maximum control and a straight path to your dream character.

You may be asking yourself… 

1) How can one person know what is best for every character?

 My theories  on searching, buying and flipping Legendary Gear has already been tested and proven by hundreds of players after reading the “Legendary Blueprint Selling Guide” that is hosted on Markco’s Diablo 3 Gold Secrets. Players that received that guide made millions in gold and even REAL MONEY in the Real Money Auction House! This guide will have the same results! I have done the research on every class so you don’t have to. I have spent countless hours, spoken to dozens of elite players and made sure that every skill and every class strategy is the best it can be.


I have over NINE HUNDRED HOURS of experience on my main account

2) If you can figure it out, I’m sure I can too?!

I’m sure you can. But why would you want to waste your gold and money doing so when it’s sitting right here in front of you. I know what works and what doesn’t. I have helped dozens of people tweaking their gear, their builds and their game play to make them better. This guide will save you 10-20-30-40 hours and possibly hundreds of millions of gold! There’s no catch here, what I am saying is true. I’ve given different guides to players who don’t even play that class and in a matter of an hour, were able to farm MP Inferno with no issues.

3) How can I be sure that you didn’t just get lucky on the auction house?

I have played the markets and put my gold and on occasion, my money where my mouth is.  I do get a few lucky finds, but using my strategies on the auction house, you will find them too! While making these guides, I not only geared my characters, I also bought extra finds and created a steady income of gold and real money using key markets that you too can discover.

4) How fast can I use the guide?

With my easy to follow searches (filled with pictures and different options), you will be able to find all your gear in a matter of minutes. My Hidden YouTube Video Guides (Included!) will show you the build and how to play your character even if you do not have any experience with that class! So the answer is…. RIGHT NOW!

5) What If it doesn’t work for me?

Guys this is not a guide that you buy and never hear from me again. This is a guide that will be ever changing with the game. I will update the guide as often as needed to keep you up to date on your character. I’m in it for the long haul. I will continually post videos, provide new strategies and answer your questions (via email, through stream or even in game!) If you still don’t feel like all of these tips have made the game better for you, I have a 100% Money Back Guarantee

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6) How is this Guide different?

Unlike other guides on the market, (I have tried a few) I don’t use exploits,  I don’t edit my videos to make my characters or my Auction House results any better than they already are. I use a logic based approach. This eliminates the chances of a nerf affecting any one part of the guide. Other Guides Claim to be updated, I have yet to see a few of them ever spoken about again, let alone updated! I’m a casual gamer like you! I understand what you’re looking for, I understand what you want from your game play, and most importantly, I understand why your looking for a guide like this. These guides will not make false claims. I give you everything you are paying for, and more!

I’m not an incredible player, I don’t have an unlimited bank roll to fall back on, heck, I only get a few hours a night like the rest of you. But with these few hours I have solidified and perfected a strategy that I would like to share with you. All of my characters can easily run MP8+ in their upgraded sets. While using the strategies for buying and selling gear included in the guides, I spent next to nothing while upgrading every single one of my characters!

7) How long are these videos?

The videos range from 15-30 minutes each. They go over the build, the stats and the gear. Directly following the guide, you receive the videos that go into great detail on how to play your character along with my personal tips and tricks to make you play better! On a side note, I’m pretty funny!

8) How much is this going to cost me?

Each Class Guide is yours for $30.00! Or, you can buy the Class Bundle Pack for the introductory price of $99,97! These prices will go up! So, scroll down and get your Class Guides Today! Like I said, this isn’t just a guide that you download and never hear from me again, you will also get EVERYTHING listed below!

The Detailed Budget Gear Guide

Richies Gimmic

This fully in-depth guide goes piece by piece, showing you what you need for your character and how to find the gear for next to nothing! I explain what each piece of gear should have on it for the optimal performance of your character at the lowest price any person could fathom. I include the base stats your character should have to efficiently and effectively play through MP Inferno.

The most In-Depth Upgrade Guide ever created!


This Guide goes into extraordinary detail into what gear is best for your character and what you need to look for in each piece. I give options based on each class and different player builds to ensure that you can play like the players you watch on Twitch.tv. This will show you how to go from no survivability and no DPS, to more DPS than you can handle while taking hits.Want to know the secret behind what makes some gear better than others? This guide shares it all!

NEW***Extended Build Guide Series***NEW

This is something GimmicGaming is very proud about. The ability to give you exactly what you need to run your desired build. This additional guide will provide every stat you need for additional builds for your character. These additional builds will keep you busy. The builds are so sick! I’ve done the testing and taken the guess work out of trying a new build. I laid out in detail exactly what you need for each build. How much Mana Regeneration do you need for Zombie Bears to become Viable? What critical Hit Chance do you need to run a whirlwind Barbarian? I tell you how much of each stat you need…. EVEN your Defenses!

Richies gimmic2

Quit Guessing




The Auction House Search Guide

Included in this guide is a detailed criterion on how to find the best items in the game, at prices most wouldn’t think possible. I’ve done more Auction House market research on every class than anyone. Using this guide will not only help you upgrade and/or level your character faster than anyone, but make you tons of gold and real money!

Access to my Hidden YouTube Account

Access to my hidden YouTube Videos on how I make the builds work, how I search and how you too can be the master of your domain. My YouTube Channel has videos that go over everything you need to know to make your characters run Monster Power 1 (to 10!!) for less than anyone else online!

How to Make Gold and Real Money and Level for FREE!

This guide goes into detail about how to level your character in the best gear at any level and still make gold/money doing so. I include the stats you need to not only make your character unstoppable while leveling, but also gives you the option to sell this item for other people to level their characters. Most importantly, I show you how to find gear (not to mention, for cheap) so that you get it before anyone has the chance to search for it.

Daily Updates and Personal E-Mails

GimmicGaming.com is here to stay! This will be the site to go to when looking for; New Builds, Legendary Reviews, Farming Guides, Gear Set Options, and much much more (New Games to Come!)! Get my Blogs in your email and see what I’m doing to stay active on Diablo 3!



******My Secret Niche Market That Few Know About!!******

This market is so easy to use that anyone can not only buy and sell their gear in the Auction House, but I show you how to farm for this gear! Tired of buying items in the Auction House thinking you made a huge profit but end up LOSING money? This is the sure fire way I use to ALWAYS profit in the Auction House. One flip from this guide will give you all the gold you need to use any ONE of the included Budget Builds! I’m willing to share it for now. If too many people start to use it, I’ll have to drop it as a free guide!

All five Classes comes out to over   250 700!!!!!!!!!! pages of in depth character information! 4 Hours of videos and thousands of tips and tricks you can use to make the most of your game play!


So, what are you waiting for?

Quit spending all your gold trying to make something work that I know will not.

Pick up this guide and start steamrolling like never before!!

Any Questions? Just Ask!

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This is your Chance to be EPIC

 Don’t keep wasting your time PLAYING Diablo 3

Start DOMINATING Diablo 3!!

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