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Marvel WOH Events

Marvel WOH Events There are a few different types of events in Marvel War of Heroes. War War, while it may have other names, is alliance vs. alliance battles. These are very fun events that show your Alliance what your made of. Sometimes, it shows you what players in your Alliance are made of. During War Events, any player in an Alliance can join a time where they will be put to battle with another...
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Marvel WOH Card Rarities

Marvel WOH Card Rarities Like all card games, Marvel War of Heroes has different Rarities of cards. This chapter will go over the different Rarities and how to use them in the game. Card Rarities are easily noticed and can be distinguished without any trouble by the stars on the right hand side of each card. The amount of stars show the card’s base and usually if there is a outline of a star, the...
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Marvel War of Heroes New Event!

Marvel War of Heroes New Event! Hey Marvel War of Heroes Players! Gimmic here! Today I wanted to bring you a little preview of how the new event will work in Marvel War of Heroes. Shield Survival Trial In this Event, players are to go against 10 other players using 20-30 cards(20 cards in the Novice league, 30 in Expert). If you complete the objective of each particular trial, you will receive a personal power...
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Marvel WOH Alliances

Marvel WOH Alliances Finding a good Alliance can be a real task for most people. There are tons of Alliances out there that have inactive players and players that do not pay attention to important Events. Alliances that have numerous inactive players will do you no good when attempting to progress in this game as your Alliance is a wonderful source for trades! When first starting out, it’s fine...
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Marvel WOH Team Members

Marvel WOH Team Members Team Members are players that you add to your team. I know that it sounds rather simple, but this chapter will go over how to obtain great team that will help you progress in the game. Team Members have to be looked at as direct trading links to other players. When first starting out the game, you’ll find that the game automatically finds players that are the same level as...
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Marvel WOH Attribute Points

Marvel WOH Attribute Points   Attribute Points are points that are awarded to your Character to increase the stats that you use to Defend, Attack and to do missions. You can put your Attribute Points into 1 of the 3 areas below. Energy Energy is what you use to progress and to farm Missions. You shouldn’t put too many points into Energy as this will only hinder your ability to do maximum damage in...
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Marvel WOH Ability Skill Increase

Marvel WOH Ability Skill Increase This can be one of the most frustrating aspects of the game, but it also carries a great reward. Cards that have an Ability are also given an Ability Level. As the Ability Level on the card increases, the bonus of your Ability increases. Each level is about a 1% bonus. This may not sound like much, but think of it this way… If you have a deck of cards that is all Ability...
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Marvel WOH Mastering Cards

Marvel WOH Mastering Cards   Each card in Marvel War of Heroes has a Mastery Level. This Mastery Level, when Maximized, rewards your cards maximum potential. This will increase the cards Attack and Defense power dramatically. Mastering a card is a very simple yet VERY tedious job. There are a few ways to fully Master a card. Battle Using the Card(s) that you want Mastered When you Battle using...
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